Wittering Beaches

Here's some information about surfing in East and West Witterings, Surrey, UK.

West Wittering beach is a sandy beach. Located at the southern part of the West Sussex county. It is a blue flag beach, ideal wind: northerly, ideal swell: southerly and ideal tide: mid tide.

It is more or less a really good and reliable beginner's beach. Wave height startibg from 1ft to 3ft/4ft and sometimes up to 10ft.

There's a surf school readily available plus the opportunity to rent surfing equipment, including SUP and bodyboards.

Lifeguards patrol the beach from May to October. Best time for beginner surf obviously when the lifeguards are out and for more advanced around December-March.



East Wittering beach is a stone/sandy beach for more advanced surfers since the waves here tend to be bigger and more in uniform then on West Wittering beach.

East Wittering beach is the east-most of them two. Ideal wind: northerly, ideal swell: southerly and ideal tide: mid tide.

Wave height here varies from 1ft to 2ft to 3ft to 10ft depending on a day.

There are no lifeguards at this beach, so surfing here is at your own risk. Mind there are quite few surfers out here almost always, so you won't be completely on your own almost never. If you are a real novice I recommend you go to West Wittering as it is a bit more safe on summer months.

The waves at East Wittering beach tend to be more in uniform, steeper and stronger. If you go surfing here, please note the wave strength is twice it's height to a normal curving wave which you find in traditional beaches.

The waves here are mostly rolling waves and you will get a lot of powerful foam here which can make big board surfing here quite difficult to get out there. But since the waves are usually very foamy, you can not do much with a traditional small surfboard only. So it is a skilled beach for medium sized boards and bodyboards. Saying that, sometimes, rarely, you get very nice curves, and even a decent barrel run when the conditions are right with slight offshore winds.

The beach is also local weather dependent but not as much as a lot of the other beaches.